Thursday, April 23, 2009

Festival Song (Or "Whine" Might Be More Appropriate)

It's just not fair. All the other major music festivals are getting it SO right this year. Now look at Lollapalooza. What I wouldn't give to go. Just like I'd have given my right arm to have attended Coachella last weekend. Or to go to Benicassim. Or any of the the UK ones.

And then here, there's Roskilde. And I'm sorry, but it's just not up to par! I made my usual lists last week, dividing the acts I want to see into 4 categories. My A1 category (which is the OMGZ YESSSS-category) has one act. ONE ACT. And then the next one only has 4. And it's just not something I'm willing to pay 1700DKK to do. It's like my standards keep falling each year. Last year I was about 50/5o - music/social. Seriously, it used to be much more like 75/25. This year I can't justify spending my entire vacations savings on stumbling around wasted for 7 days straight.

But, you know, it's ROSKILDE. As if I can really stay away. I can't even imagine sitting at home, knowing that it's going on without me. And thus, I've signed up for volunteer work. I hope I get it. I really afford it, and I do love Roskilde.

Unless anyone wants to donate a Lollapalooza ticket? And travelling expenses? Come on, anyone?

Adam Green - Festival Song mp3
(left click)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunny Afternoon

Could we just cheat and make it the weekend now?

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
(left click)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Following Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy on Twitter just paid off. (And I seriously need to lay off Twitter and Twitter-related posts now)

IT LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME. Fuck. I can't wait. Really, it should've been out in NOVEMBER, right, so come on. COME ON.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twitter #2.

Fuck, Twitter is awesome.

Mike Skinner/The Streets has posted a song per day both yesterday and the day before. And promised another one today. Obviously it's mostly for fun, but fuck, I think they're pretty good anyway. (But then you can legitimately doubt that I'll ever dissprove much of anything he does.)

The Streets - Trust Me MP3
The Streets - I Love My Phone MP3

Trust Me is pretty neat, and I Love My Phone reminds me something that could easily have fit into Original Pirate Material. And that's a major compliment.


Third track is up: The Streets - David Hassles MP3
Haven't had a chance to listen to it, I'm headed out for beer and later Sha La Las. But the first three seconds sounded neat-o.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Kanye West, Jared Leto, and Brandon Flowers? That is so random.

And then Kanye's like; "AND YES THOSE ARE SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS ON BRANDON'S SHIRT .." (Yes in bold and all caps. That is how he rolls, apparantly)

I think Jared needs to get his roots done, and Brandon needs to like.... Not wear Swarovski crystal-covered shirts. I mean... It's very... Glam, I suppose. Goes well with the disco ball synth. But. Wtf?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I like this.

I've lost count on how many "fuck I'm sick of winter"-moments Little Joy saved me from. I can't listen to it without imagining chilling on a Californian beach. Preferably with Fab Moretti, Devendra Banhart, etc.

And how cool is the vid?

Monday, April 6, 2009


Where do I go when I don't have a friend
Where do I go at another day's end
Nobody loves me
Somebody loves me on

I think I'm a big big loser
Then I go to my computer
Turn it on, and I feel grand
All because of

Direct message me
Please please message me
Or at least reply to my

Tweet tweet tweet tweet
Tweet tweet tweet tweet
Tweet tweet tweet tweet

Ingrid Michaelson - Twitter Song MP3
(left click)
(yes, I've changed filehost)

It's so sweet. And she's fun to follow on Twitter. Yes. I'm so there.

Favorite famous people to follow (in no particular order):
Ingrid Michaelson
Ashton Kutcher
Mark Hoppus
Travis Barker
Russel Brand
John Mayer
Mike Skinner
Lily Allen
And the one, the only - Ryan Seacrest (I love that man)

I'm off to meet my brother for a bit of shopping and probably Fast and Furious (4) at the movies. Did you know that Vin Diesel had two short movies submitted into Sundance Festival (and one other I don't remember) before he had his big breakthrough? That man is awesome.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is finally putting out their debut album, "Fruit", in May (though it's apparantly impossible to find out the exact date). Anyway, the album leaked a little while ago, an while it might not be in its final form, it is what it is. And it's fucking goooood. I've been kicking myself ever since last summer where I missed them at Roskilde Festival. And again, I've missed them a bunch of times where I really wanted to go, but alas, everything is always fucked up at the last minutes, there are millions of apologies, and they're all bad. Digressing, here, so. My point is: I think it's awesome. It's quite unlike most of the music I listen to, actually. It's so bloody funky and Mette Lindberg's vocals are amazingly cool. I put it on, and I want to dance. It makes me smile, and it makes me do tiny dancemoves when I'm walking around down the street with my headphones on. Any music that does that get a thumbs up from me.

This band and their album are so hyped up (what with the iPod ad, the airplay on Gossip Girl, etc), but they deserve every bit of it.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour -The Golden Age MP3
(left click)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

aske taske katte vatte vaske

That my brother, right there. My little brother, who ain't that little no mo'. (Yes, I've got the street lingo DOWN.)

Anywho. Just felt the urge to share a semi-old shot of him. Just spent half an hour on the phone with him, talking about girls. He listens way too much to what I say than what really is good for him.

Otherwise. I'm not sure what this blog is here for now. My camera is broken, and yes, I might have shed a tear. It's currently underway to get fixed, but that's only happening if it's "claimable". So not a word. But you know. I can't afford to fix it, so I really hope it's just a flaw.

But. The point. I feel like this blog is completely useless if I'm not posting my own photos on it. It's what it's here for, supposedly. And, random music ramblings. But even those are more fun with my own pics. For instance, last Friday, lovely Mira and I went to a Setting Son gig. It was awesome. But, I couldn't take pictures, obviously. And felt completely useless. What's the use of mentioning a perfectly fun show on here if I can't even document the keyboardist dancing around in his sequined hotpants with his private parts falling out? I mean, it's just not as fun.

So. Except for random shit, this might be quiet. Er. If possible. I do plan to post about The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's new album (which is quite awesome) soon, but yeah. You catch my drift.

So long, suckers.
(PS: I did buy a Holga today, because I need to do something creative with my time. But yeah, first I need to figure it out, then there's the the whole actually needing to develop the film thing (so old school), so it might take a while for anything to show up).