Thursday, April 23, 2009

Festival Song (Or "Whine" Might Be More Appropriate)

It's just not fair. All the other major music festivals are getting it SO right this year. Now look at Lollapalooza. What I wouldn't give to go. Just like I'd have given my right arm to have attended Coachella last weekend. Or to go to Benicassim. Or any of the the UK ones.

And then here, there's Roskilde. And I'm sorry, but it's just not up to par! I made my usual lists last week, dividing the acts I want to see into 4 categories. My A1 category (which is the OMGZ YESSSS-category) has one act. ONE ACT. And then the next one only has 4. And it's just not something I'm willing to pay 1700DKK to do. It's like my standards keep falling each year. Last year I was about 50/5o - music/social. Seriously, it used to be much more like 75/25. This year I can't justify spending my entire vacations savings on stumbling around wasted for 7 days straight.

But, you know, it's ROSKILDE. As if I can really stay away. I can't even imagine sitting at home, knowing that it's going on without me. And thus, I've signed up for volunteer work. I hope I get it. I really afford it, and I do love Roskilde.

Unless anyone wants to donate a Lollapalooza ticket? And travelling expenses? Come on, anyone?

Adam Green - Festival Song mp3
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Sarp* said...

i don't really understand where does Roskilde goes! last year and this crap line up while all those hot hot hot acts are showing up in denmark at one standing concerts and such. 1700kr for this is more than insane.

don't they get ashamed of themselves when they see the line up of Werchter for even less ticket price?