Wednesday, April 1, 2009

aske taske katte vatte vaske

That my brother, right there. My little brother, who ain't that little no mo'. (Yes, I've got the street lingo DOWN.)

Anywho. Just felt the urge to share a semi-old shot of him. Just spent half an hour on the phone with him, talking about girls. He listens way too much to what I say than what really is good for him.

Otherwise. I'm not sure what this blog is here for now. My camera is broken, and yes, I might have shed a tear. It's currently underway to get fixed, but that's only happening if it's "claimable". So not a word. But you know. I can't afford to fix it, so I really hope it's just a flaw.

But. The point. I feel like this blog is completely useless if I'm not posting my own photos on it. It's what it's here for, supposedly. And, random music ramblings. But even those are more fun with my own pics. For instance, last Friday, lovely Mira and I went to a Setting Son gig. It was awesome. But, I couldn't take pictures, obviously. And felt completely useless. What's the use of mentioning a perfectly fun show on here if I can't even document the keyboardist dancing around in his sequined hotpants with his private parts falling out? I mean, it's just not as fun.

So. Except for random shit, this might be quiet. Er. If possible. I do plan to post about The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's new album (which is quite awesome) soon, but yeah. You catch my drift.

So long, suckers.
(PS: I did buy a Holga today, because I need to do something creative with my time. But yeah, first I need to figure it out, then there's the the whole actually needing to develop the film thing (so old school), so it might take a while for anything to show up).

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