Thursday, April 2, 2009


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is finally putting out their debut album, "Fruit", in May (though it's apparantly impossible to find out the exact date). Anyway, the album leaked a little while ago, an while it might not be in its final form, it is what it is. And it's fucking goooood. I've been kicking myself ever since last summer where I missed them at Roskilde Festival. And again, I've missed them a bunch of times where I really wanted to go, but alas, everything is always fucked up at the last minutes, there are millions of apologies, and they're all bad. Digressing, here, so. My point is: I think it's awesome. It's quite unlike most of the music I listen to, actually. It's so bloody funky and Mette Lindberg's vocals are amazingly cool. I put it on, and I want to dance. It makes me smile, and it makes me do tiny dancemoves when I'm walking around down the street with my headphones on. Any music that does that get a thumbs up from me.

This band and their album are so hyped up (what with the iPod ad, the airplay on Gossip Girl, etc), but they deserve every bit of it.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour -The Golden Age MP3
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