Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leak of the Day.

It's here. The Killers' new album, Day & Age, was released in iTunes/Japan for download and was quickly all over the Internet.

I've had a pretty fucked up day so I didn't do my daily google routine (I've been doing the "the killers"+day+age+leak search at least a few times a day for the last week) but my friend passed me a link. After much cursing at my unbelievably slow internet connection, it was there. I might've "woo'ed" (ref. the latest How I Met Your Mother episode - seriously, how great was that??)

I'm presently about 2/3 through my first listen. I've immediately taken a liking to This Is Your Life and the just-now-finished Neon Tiger. I went "WTF" at Joy Ride, but I think that's gonna be one of the great ones as well.

I'm so excited! It's showing so much potential. I already like it better than Sam's Town (though that isn't hard to accomplish.)

Anywho. I'm still spooked about Blogger removing posts, so no MP3s. Go here or here, or whereever, though. Get the album. And then just buy the damn thing in just a few days, mkay?

Btw, see the feathered coat again? Apparently it's made by "a woman who goes by Mrs. Jones" (link to interview) who's also made clothes for Kylie Minouge and Scissor Sisters. Which explains a lot, if you ask me.

Also. Lookie here and here. I have no further comment.

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More About The Devil said...

Still spooked by blogger removing posts? I've suffered the same despite all mp3s being posted with the permission of the artist or their PR company or management! Even had posts removed where links have been removed!

How can us bloggers fight back?