Wednesday, October 8, 2008

RE: The Killers on Saturday Night Live.

Since I'm on a completely different continent, I don't get to watch SNL until Sunday normally. As I was too busy Sunday to, well.. Acquire this weekend's show, I didn't watch it until yesterday. I was especially looking forwards to Tina Fey's reprise as Sarah Palin and, of course, the performance of The Killers.

So Anne Hathaway (who did an awesome job hosting, btw. I think I might've fallen a little bit in love with her. She's funny, pretty, and plain awesome.) introduced them and my first thought was, "Why does Brandon Flowers look so uncomfortable?"

That is just one of the more awkward poses he did, and the (crap, sorry) picture doesn't even show it properly. He seemed extremely nervous the entire way through "Human". It was just strange.

And then I noticed his shoulders. HIS FEATHERY SHOULDERS. Here's a close-up.

What is that?! WHY ARE THERE FEATHERS ON HIS SHOULDERS? It's all I could think about through the entire performance. That, and his looking so uncomfortable and nervous, and completely unlike the entertainer I remember from the two times I've seem them live.

But, you know. Then he makes this face:

...and it's like it's all okay again. I've forgiven the glittery, golden suits. The 'stache. And I can forgive him for the feathers too. Suddenly they really don't seem that bad. They kind of suit him, don't they?

And the closing performance of "Spaceman" was just awesome. Definitely less awkwardsness and more fun. And even if the songs lyrics are completely silly and make no sense (seriously, alien abduction? Really??) it's such a cool track. And extremely catchy.

I'm getting more and more psyched about this album coming out. And "Human" actually turned out to be quite a grower. Despite my initial dissappointment, I sort of love it now.

The Killers - Spaceman (live on SNL) via

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