Thursday, September 18, 2008


I got my hair cut today. Back to short and nice. And spending at least 20 minutes on it being just right each morning (I have VERY stubborn hair).

I like it so much I'm going to post a picture of it. And to warn you, I am covering my mouth with my hand in this picture. And I really have no good reason for doing so.

I've missed having an actual hairstyle.

I haven't been good at updating, I know. It's only because my life is particularly enjoyable at the moment. I like it. I like college (CBS), I like my class, and this entire new life in Cph is just what I've wanted and needed for quite a long time. Also, there are LOADS of fun stuff coming up these next few weeks. My calendar is close to completely booked with classes, school-related activities, friends, parties, concerts, and so on. It's really fabulous.

My soundtrack to this great time of my life is the new The Streets album. Surprise! It's just so incredibly positive and very different from his older stuff. I like it a lot. I don't think it tops "A Grand Don't Come For Free", which is just such an amazing album, but it's still good. Very good.

I also really liked the artwork inside the booklet. It's just pictures of these beautiful, very serene, landscapes. They fit the album perfectly. I actually took pictures of this booklet, and some of them I was sort of proud of, as they turned out very okay. But, alas. I accidentally pushed my external harddrive onto the floor today, and now all it does is make weird sounds. So. New ones are in order.

I'll piss off and leave with a teenie tiny quote from The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed.

I came to this world with nothing,
And I'll leave with nothing but love.
Everything else is just borrowed.

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whatshername said...

Jeg har lige fundet ud af at jeg elsker den sang! (everything is borrowed)

Nice haircut btw:)