Monday, September 1, 2008

party on.

tradition states that freshmen go on a get-to-know-eachother trip in their groups. these trips consist of drinking, playing games, stupid competetions, more drinking, a themeparty, even more drinking, chilling, and well, getting to know eachother.

it was wicked fun. and you get to know each other in such a peculiar way when everyone's drunk off their asses. made it a bit weird today when we finally saw eachother again. sober and all. and just being away from that place and back into reality makes it... well. wierd.

but it was a bloody amazing trip. i wanna go again. the people who are in my group are cool and the next few years are going to be awesome.

i can't wait to start the actual classes, though. the first one is this Friday. i'm excited to start that entire life. college life. university.

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