Monday, August 18, 2008


currently watching: The Green Mile.
currently listening to: Ben Kweller.
currently reading: Jasper Fforde - The Eyre Affair.
currently in love with: Shia LaBeouf.

currently starting up a new blog over at WordPress (which, incidentally, is a very confusing set-up when you're used to Blogger, but i'm surely convinced i'll be happy with the switch once it's over.)

currently extremely impatient about starting university/ish in a week. and about starting a new life.

i'll post a link once i've actually written my first post at the new 'place'. i'm (currently) in the process of writing it, perfecting it, but still, patience is essential.


ps: lastly, currently infuriated by the fact that Warner Bros has decided to bump Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince an entire EIGHT months, to july 17th. that is just NOT cool.

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