Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Like a Needle in a Haystack.

The Streets's new album, Everything Is Borrowed, is out on Monday. Today most of the album was posted on good ol' MySpazzzz along with a blog saying that 4 additional tracks of the album are posted on other bands' pages. So good hunting.
I've got 3/4. I like Strongest Person I Know the best so far, which is posted on The Rifles's page. (Others are on Does This Offend You, Yeah and Delphic's pages, btw). Haven't got around to listening to the ones actually posted on The Streets's own page, but I'll set time aside for doing that and only that tomorrow after class.

I haven't been this excited for ANY new album since The Killers released Sam's Town back in 2006. But I project that I'll be equally (if not more) psyched about them releasing Day and Age come November/December.

I've spent my day today in Latin American History, eating bagels with a couple girls from class, shopping a few dresses (maybe I'll post pics some other time, maybe not), and watching Gossip Girl.


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