Saturday, September 13, 2008


I just can't get enough of the new The Streets album. And I can't wait to get my hands on an actual copy of the CD on Monday. Downloading will NEVER beat the feeling of having a new album in your hands, putting it on at home, and just listening to it all the way through without doing much other but maybe reading a magazine or drawing.

In the spirit of "Everything Is Borrowed" I've borrowed one of the songs. It's one of my current favorites along with "On The Edge Of A Cliff", "Strongest Person I Know", "Heaven For The Weather", and "The Way Of The Dodo". Heh, maybe it sort of defeats the purpose of having favorites when it ends up being 50 % of the songs.

Anyway, enjoy (I sincerely hope the link actually work, I'm rubbish as stuff like that and it's my first time.)

The Streets - I Love You More (Than You Like Me) MP3.

And on a more private note: last night was FAB. Went and saw David Peter And The Wilde Sect along with The Setting Son and it was neat. We followed it up at Rust, dancing and dancing and (for my part) talking to sleazy strange men (seriously, who brags that HIS BROTHER scored three goals in a SERIES 5 football match?)..

I'm off. Tonight is a huge party for all of the people in my year, and my line of study (language and international business communication). We're about.... 450 students? We won't be THAT many, but it's going to be mad nonetheless.


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