Saturday, July 5, 2008


Mike Skinner, will you marry me?

Thank you for one of the greatest gigs of my life (even if it busted my knee). And during "Never Went To Church"? Your words: "Sorry, I got a bit emotional on stage". Well, hell. I was crying my bloody eyes out. I just love the lyrics. They remind me of my own late father.

Other highlights:
  • Kate Nash - AMAZING!!!!!!! Seriously great, especially when she did "Birds", one of my very favorite songs atm.
  • Gossip - because Beth Ditto is cool.
And our camp, because age ain't nothing but a number, kiddos.

I love Roskilde. Right now I'm at my mom's, though. Desperately needed a shower and decent food. Going back later though. The Fashion and Lykke Li are among the goodies today.

Oh, and I basically broke my laptop back home. So don't expect too much posting.

Showershowershower, I love thee!

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