Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Oh woaw".

I'm so tired. I desperately need to relax. So much that I'm considering skipping the grad-party tonight. But only maybe. Because this one is in Copenhagen so I can always just go home. Yeahh. I just talked myself into going.

Last night was fucking insane. I got so drunk. SO SO drunk. Seriously. I spent most of the night talking to Dominik and chugging down beer. And dancing with Johannes, which was really strange. He was acting particularly weird and flirty yesterday. And that's just like, "wtf, mate?"? Anywho, I crashed at Dominik's place because it was the closest place available except for my car (been there, done that, it's freezing!). We watched a bunch of Family Guy and this morning, he kept mentioning things I apparently said, but don't remember. Whoa, I was wasted. It was fun.

Tomorrow is ROSKILDEEEEE! For reals now. Tomorrow is mainly MGMT for me (and it's gonna be a PARTY!) and mayyybe Radiohead. Not sure. Anywho, I'm staying down there until Sunday.

Have a good one.

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