Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Expanding my geeknezz.

I am currently at an internet café. Surrounded by übergeeks and an african lady who's spent more than an hour writing e-mails. I just thank my Gods that they have a seperate non-smoking department. The mainroom is disgusting (and I'm not particularly sensitive).

As mentioned before my laptop is KAPUT. Done, over, byebye. Or, not really, but I have to send it to the manufacturer to get it fixed which is likely to take a million years. And there's the chance they'll fix it stupidly and erase all my stuff. But I can't even deal with that thought.
I've been desperate for Internet these last few days. Spent an hour at the library after work yesterday. And today I'm actually paying. It's no good.

But hey, it's cheap and just down the corner. I'll probably become a regular. Sadly.

Did I ever mention the rest of Roskilde?

I must admit I didn't get the best I could out of that week. I could have seen way more bands, been way more socially available, and generally been in a better mood. I really spent most of my time during the actual festival on laying around in the hammocks in front of Pavillon with a bagel and a beer and/or elderberry juice.

  • The Streets!!!!!!!!! I lovelovelove(!!) Mike Skinner and his music/lyrics.
  • Kate Nash. I just want to BE her. Or at least have her wardrobe. I loved how she looked down at me and smiled regularly during the show. I guess I was pretty enthusiastic and singing along, as one of the only ones in the front.
  • Gossip. Because sometimes big personalities just need more space, I guess.
  • The Fashion. It's just too good for dancing.
  • Our camp, because as mentioned before: age means nothing. So inspite of being THE oldest person there, and the youngest being about 4-5 years my junior, they were pretty fucking awesome.
  • The weather, dammit!
  • Bagels, bagels, BAGELS.
  • I guess I just wasn't in that festival mood.
  • Being short of friends down there. There were really only two people I really knew at Roskilde this year. Could've done with a few more, just for kicks.
  • Sickness at the end.
Regarding that last point, I'm still not on top. I guess it's my body's own personal tradition to get sick at the end of Roskilde and expanding it into the next week. I could really use a dose of my healing last year, where I went to a tiny shack without kitchen, toilet, or electricity on Bornholm. I remember how she was sick as well and we spent three days being pathetic and reading. It was perfect.

Not this year though. I have work. It's boring. And I miss my government funded SU already.

Anywho. I'm almost out of time and I have yet to research fonts for my next tattoo. I'll probably get that soon. Yay.


PS: this song is love.

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