Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy busy.

I feel like I have absolute zero time for relaxing these days. And when I do have the chance, I just seem to have forgotten how. I stress a lot. It's... Well, stressing.

I like life a lot at the moment, though. Even if I've forgotten how to relax. Yesterday was particularly insane/awesome. First I went and donated blood, then for a super-long walk at the lakes, then home, then off to Østerbro to see my new room, then Vesterbro to get the keys (yay!), then straigt to my mom's place to borrow the car and drive out to where one of my school-mates live. We were seven girls and we spent 3 hours (the others actually spent 5 in total) spraypainting and decorating banners for when we graduate next week. It's gonna be seriously amazing - and our truck is gonna be the prettiest of them all. Maybe it was the fumes, maybe not, but we were all incredibly excited and kept shreiking and clapping and shit. Very girly. It was good fun.

I slept at my mom's because it was closer + I got to spend time with my wonderful littlebrother. It really is amazing to have him back home.

I really don't have time to blog. In 40 minutes I'm leaving to meet up with Pernille, and then guess who we're seeing live? John Mayer, that's who. That man is gonna charm me out of my panties (figuratively, anyway).

Later tonight I guess I'm going out. Mainly because it'll be the last night at Stengade for about a month, which'll be the longest I've gone without Stengade since November or something. That'll be weird.

So bye.

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