Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I can't sleep.

Which is very much my own fault - I fell asleep watching the season premiere of Weeds at about 8PM. Now I'm awake and not about to go back to wonderland anytime soon.

I had a pretty weird dream. About a boy. But it was nice in the dream. Way weird, though.

What does one do at 3:30 in the morning? I just downloaded Firefox 3.0, and hello neatness! Only thing I'm missing so far is a Noia Extreme update. But, I actually like the new default layout enough that I might not go back that road. Which is a little weird, since I've been using Firefox with Noia since I got my first personal computer.

I saw the perfect boy today. I've never seen anything like him before. I know it sounds weird, but SHIT. Everything down to his shoes, coat, bag, and headphones was basically exactly what I would pick out for the ideal guy. At first I was sure that he then had to have an ugly-ass face. I hate those turn-around-uglies, that look great from behind and not-so-much from the front. But no, this one was adorable. He even looked right about my age.

Yeah, that's really weird.

Ahh, I can't stop thinking about that dream. It was very... I don't know. It was just, WHOA. I don't think I have a very sublte subconsciousness, because this was right IN YOUR FACE, UNNI. GO FOR IT. Very strange.

It's starting to get light outside. Birds are singing.

If I don't fall asleep again watching the rest of Weeds then I think I'll go for a walk. I love mornings. I'm definitely a morning person. They're just so fresh and new and a perfectly clean slate everyday to start from. The best mornings are those summermornings when it's been raining all night, but then right before sunrise the sky becomes clear. Everything smells like rain and summer. I love that. Or, wintermornings aren't bad either. Not the ones with snow, but the ones where it's gone just below freezing during the night and all the grass is crunchy and white. The air is so bloody crisp and clean those mornings.

Whoa, right now, I miss living back home. In the winter.


Weeds and then sleep / a walk.

Good shit.

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