Sunday, November 22, 2009


Monsters of Folk @ Store Vega, November 2oth 2009.

No words. Just look at the tracklist here. They blew me and the rest of an enchanted Store Vega away completely. I've rarely seen a crowd act this exemplary, staying perfectly quiet through the slow songs only to erupt in mindblowing cheers as soon as the moment arrives. It was perfect.

It felt like I'd been at 4 different shows when the 3 hours were up. My Morning Jacket with Jim James and his pwetty, pwetty voice; Bright Eyes with a completely awesome Conor Oberst jumping and running around stage; M. Ward being his regular amazing self, ruling the guitar-solos; and finally the combined Monsters of Folk. They seemed genuinely happy to be performing, like 4 BFFs complimenting each other like no one could have expected.

Though 3 hours is a LONG. ASS. TIME to be standing in one place, I never for one second wanted it to stop. It could've gone on for 3 hours longer. I seriously believe that this is the best concert I've ever attended. And that's a big deal.

Anywho. Photos! I haven't had the time to do serious Photoshopping yet, as I've spent my weekend with family and am currently on a train back towards the capital. So I went ahead and abused Toycamera a little. I still start gushing when I look at the photos and realize that just two days ago, I was 5 feet away from M. Ward and Conor Oberst.

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Nadja Madsen said...

oh, wish I'd been there!