Saturday, February 14, 2009

extremely random bullets.

  • The sun was shining today. Finally some light! I'm sick of the color grey infesting everything and everyone, especially my mood.
  • I'm in a horrible mood these days. Almost no exception. I hate everything and have an extreme urge to just write "HHHHHHH" whenever anyone asks me ANYTHING. (y'know, "hhh", as in "sigh", just the sound? y'know? no?)
  • I'm counting on Caspian & The Good Times @ Raahuset tonight to make me smile. Last time I saw them they made my sickness fade. Or, well. I might've just been done being sick, but I like thinking of Caspian & The Good Times as my personal healers. Or something.
I have to leave in 3 minutes. Greeeaaat. I'm going to be late.



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