Tuesday, February 17, 2009

After falling completely in love with She & Him, I gave M. Ward a second chance. I might've ended up loving his solo effort more than their collaborative work (Zooey Dechanel's voice, lovely as it is, gets a little tiring after a while). Anyway. M. Ward! His newest album, Hold Time, is nothing short of amazing. And it's absolutely perfect for walking along the lakes of Copenhagen with rosy cheeks, my usually black coat completely white in the front because of the constant snowfall.

Whatever season is current always ends up my favorite in the city. In the summer I love lounging in the parks with friends and slurpees. In the fall the colors are absolutely stunning. Now, in the winter, I love the snowfall and sort of even enjoy the refreshing cold. And in the spring, everything is just.. Bubbly.

Tomorrow I'm leaving an hour earlier than I really have to, just to take a walk around the hopefully at least semi-untouched white city. I'm all excited and shit.

M. Ward - Hold Time MP3 (box.net)

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