Monday, October 6, 2008

Smart Playlists.

(sorry for the shit quality, apparantly this laptop sucks at screenshots?)

One of my favorites. I have all my music in iTunes rated, so this guarantees me music I love but haven't listened to in a while. It always gives me pleasant surprises.

One of the more pleasant surprises today was this:

I listened to Mew so damn often back when the Frengers album came out, I think I grew tired of it. But it really is beautiful. As is the video. I actually saw Jonas Bjerre, the lead singer, just a week and a half ago at Stengade30. I must admit, I much prefer him when he's DJing at the same place while wearing a fuzzy owl-sweater.

I have so much reading and homework to do - our very first written assignment is due this Friday. It's a translation and it HAS to get a passing grade - or else you fail the course. Not particularly fun, so I really need to go to bed now so I can get enough sleep to get through both work and class tomorrow and still have enough energy for translating afterwards.

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