Sunday, July 27, 2008


One of my musical heroes, Mike Skinner, is once again headed to land of the Danes. And once again, I will be front and center. Probably alone, as I can't think of anyone who really likes The Streets to bring with me, and tickets are on sale tomorrow.

One complaint: KB Hallen? Fuuuck. That pretty much sucks ass.

But OH my FUCKING God. (no offense) .... I'm excited. I can't wait to see him at an actual concert, not just a festival. But surrounded by other fanatics who'll sing along with me (at Roskilde this year, I was the only one in my area).


My life isn't particularly intestering otherwise. I just work. I did go out on Friday with a couple of old girlfriends - we go back to like.... 2nd grade and.... pre-school? - and it was funnn. I was drunk. Culture Box - Wall Street - Basement - The Bar Previously Known As Pilegaarden. Seriously, about that last one... Why'd they change the name? Pilegaarden wasn't fancy enough? SO THEY NAMED IT "SJUS"? Something is seriously wrong with the world.

Anywho, Saturday was thus spent sleeping in and enjoying junk food at Assistens Cemetary with one of those old girlfriends.

Anywho. I don't know. Summer came back and all I do is work everyday. I'm sick of it. But, when I'm done with the next three days... I get time off. About a week. WHICH IS AWESOME. No idea what I'll do, though. Just... Be bored, I guess.


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