Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Untitled no. 1967,8.

Today, while I was working, my iPod decided to magically turn on and play Factory45's debut album over and over again until I got off. I wasn't even listening to it when I arrived, so I take this as a hint from my iPod that I should've mentioned the album a while ago. Which is probably true.

Lookie, lookie, there's nakedness on the cover!:

I guess the reason I haven't gotten around to it, is that it sort of disappointed me. And I really expected to love it, truly, honestly, I did. But I didn't. And I hate writing negative reviews, so let's just mention the good things.

- "Sweet Meat", "Love Scent", and "Untitled no. 6" are really, really good.
- The album art and booklet are pretty fucking awesome (you go, M.)

I still maintain that they're one of the best live bands in Denmark. It's always a fucking blast. And I honestly don't feel in any sort of position to be criticizing anything, seriously, who am I to do that?

I'll shut up now.


Factory45 - Sweet Meat MP3