Monday, June 8, 2009

Start! Festival Day 2 preview.

As I'm going through the photos, I'm thinking I'll dedicate specific posts to a couple of the best concerts. I'm thinking Caspian & The Good Times, Mescalin Baby, Vinnie Who, The Breakers, The October Country, Darling Don't Dance. Maybe a few more or less. Depends how ambitious I am. And how the photos turned out (I'm still only about halfway through - the entire 3-day festival resulted in 1000+ photos.)

So stay tuned.

Friday's preview is boring as fuck. I was in a horrible mood and didn't make it to half the shows I wanted. So uhh. Here's a few photos of The Breakers. (And I guess that'll count as a show-specific post then?).

They were awesome. As always. I had just gotten off from volunteerduty an hour earlier than planned, still a little drunk from the continuous drinking off free beer that comes from volunteering in a bar. I just danced. Uh. As always.

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