Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tragic Kingdom.

What the hell happened to Gwen Stefani's voice?

I was all excited that No Doubt were performing on American Idol this week, and even more so when I found out they'd be playing Just A Girl. But then this happened. What the fuck?

I've been quite psyched about the No Doubt reunion tour, hoping they'd stop by DK, and I've even been listening a bit to Tragic Kingdom these last few weeks (seriously an awesome album. I live happily in a "Rock Steady DID NOT HAPPEN" world.)

But that performance was so messy. I don't get it.

Btw, a confession. I love American Idol. Shut up, it's fucking awesome. And Ryan Seacrest is seriously the king of the world. Like, KING AWESOME of the world.

But that is some serious digressing, right there. Oh well, might as well keep going.

Tonight I'll be heading to Jolene for their birthday bash. The Adam from The Good The Bad is DJ'ing, and he might just be my favorite DJ in CPH. Except Silas Starling. He's fucking ace. The point it, I plan to dance until my feet hurt.

Tomorrow, I want to go to The Blue Van in Tivoli. Probably not happening though, as I don't have company to do so. Anyone want to come to TBV with me? Pretty please?

Yes, I'm begging the internet for company. I'm a sad, sad human being.

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