Friday, May 29, 2009


So I know I said this blog is dead. IT STILL IS. I am currently blogging from the other side. It's quite pretty here. And the grass is definitely greener.

The thing is, next week Start! Festival (the former Vesterbro Festival) is here. And I have conducted a sneaky plan to have a camera for this occasion. SO I MIGHT BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY POST PHOTOS. This is quite exciting to me, as I've had no creative outlet besides my Holga since, what. February? Holy schmoly. That sucks.

Anyhow. I'm actually quite excited. 3 days walking around Vesterbro with a pint and my camera just watching bands play sounds just swell to me.

I plan to see:

Thursday is the busiest. I have a jobinterview in the morning (fingers crossed), and it's the day with most bands I want to catch.

My favorite Danish acoustic folksy whatchamacallit. Myspazz.

20:15 - VINNIE WHO.
Somehow I've managed to miss several free gigs of this, and that is just idiotic. He's actually also playing Rust tomorrow night, admission is free before 11pm, and again I WILL MISS IT. But I'll catch him at Start! then. Myspazz.

21:15 - APOLLO.
Quite new to me. But after reading Regnsky's first installment of their "Start! guide", I took the time to check out a couple of tracks on their MySpace, and hey, why not? I need something to pass the time before...

Very much my favorite Danish band atm. Seriously. THEY ARE AWESOME. Very fun and energetic live. Impossible not to dance just a little. Or a lot. Myspazz.

Friday and Saturday both have less exciting programs. I'm volunteering Friday (Øksbar from 14:30 to 19:30 - come say hi!), and probably catching Gustav Foss, Vilhelm, and whatever else floats my boat at that time.
Saturday is only a maybe right now. I want to see Giana Factory and Fallulah, but, well. We'll see.

I really hope I'll have photos to share from all this. Cross your fingers and toes and arms and cocks and whatever else is long enough to cross, that my camera-scheme will succeed.

Now back to deadness. Catch you on the flipside. Yo.

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