Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I find it a little strange that the day I really discover Angus & Julia Stone is almost exactly a year after the release date of their album, "A Book Like This". It's like, I've heard it before, listened to some of their songs, but I never actually noticed them before. Now I did. And now I'm in love.

It's so beautiful. Especially the tracks "Wasted" and "Just A Boy". Especially "Wasted". Seriously, I'm almost embarrassed by the number of times I've had it on repeat for more than an hour. But it's sooo good. Sooooooooo good. K? (I've got a feeling I'm going to love almost all the songs on this album at different times. I already think I know which one's next.)

Angus & Julia Stone - Wasted MP3
Angus & Julia Stone - Just A Boy MP3
(left click)

But the entire album is amazing, so just get that.

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