Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't Fall Backwards.

I must admit that I never understood the entire Pete Doherty obsession. I mean, sure, The Libertines were alright. Never cared much for Babyshambles. And I've never really paid attention to his solo work, simply because I thought he was way too messed up to do anything decent. I was always fascinated by him, though. Or, at least of the phenomena that is Pete Doherty. His scrambling YouTube videos, sometimes partnered with Amy Winehouse (very entertaining indeed). The mess that always seemed to follow him, wherever he went.

Back to the point. I really like his new album, Grace/Wastelands. As in, reallyreally like. His songwriting is back to par - the lyrics are amazing. And the music is just... It's simple, but it fits the songwriting.

Definitely looking forwards to seeing him at the Søren Solkær Starbird exhibition, Closer (which, btw, is something I'm really looking forwards to seeing in general - his work is amazing!). I'm also sort of excited to photograph him. Doherty, that is. Should be fun.

Peter Doherty - Lady Don't Fall Backwards mp3
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