Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Killers were added to the line-up of fucking SKIVE BEACH PARTY. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???

It seriously pisses me off because they're obviously not coming back just a month later for Roskilde, then. That just seems silly and unlikely. AND THAT SUCKS.

I sort of want to go to Skive now, which is fucked, because I can barely get the funds for a Roskilde ticket as it is, and bla bla fucking blah. Stupid. And I was SO nice about the above pictured outfit for the Spaceman video. Had an entire (drunk) post written about the stupidity of it, but I decided not to be so mean, because I love them and all. But now I'm just mad enough to post this ridiculous and entirely unrelated picture JUST BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE AN IDIOT. IN A SPACEMAN SUIT. WITH FEATHERS.

I'm starting to get a little too excited about that caps lock key, so, in other news: Emmy The Great's new album came out yesterday and it's pretty, though I think I like the old demo versions better. I had my first real class today and I think I'm going to throw up the next time someone asks me to analyze an Obama speech. Also went to brunch with a bunch of my classmates, talking about movies for almost two hours. Tomorrow I'm having lunch between classes with my favorite New Yorker, and then I get to see the insides of the new DR "koncerthus", which is pretty exciting. Hope they'll let me take photos. It's supposed to be pretty.

I'm rambling. I'll just go away and watch the new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, House, and Gossip Girl back to back.



Sarp* said...

then maybe you should consider Benicassim instead :P they always have a really cool line up and Killers are headlining this year! it s cheaper then Roskilde and tons of other offers (( :

ps. : can you make this comment thing like pop-up so that we can just write in a little window instead of loading this huuuge page and turning back when we are done all the time *_*

it's in the blog's settings dashboard ( :

Unni said...

oh if I had the money to do a festival abroad I'd definitely do Coachella. though the lineup at that Benicassim looks pretty neat as well.
alas, as it is, I'm just hoping for something better than Coldplay, Slipknot, and Madness to show up at Roskilde. even if Madness is a-ok.

(and okok with the comments, sheesh! ;))

Sarp* said...

cheers for the comments ( :


this looks a bit more interesting ( :

arctic monkeys @ charlottenlund beat day?

Sarp* said...

pps: i'll def do coachella next year! the only reason for me to not to go this year is my age and the alcohol limit in the states :/