Thursday, January 22, 2009

Le Love

I'm sick sick sick, to the point where I had to miss my final exam today and pay the doctor $$$ for a declaration of illness (or whathefuckever) so I can take it in a few months instead. Great timing, illness! TNX!

So of course I've slept about 16 hours in the last 24 hours period and now I'm restless and sick and very alone on messenger at 1:53AM. It's not bad, I'm browsing Le Love and Le Smoking while listening to approx. 5 different versions of the epic Hallelujah (though not at once). Top 3 in order of preference: Jeff Buckley, Jason Castro, Rufus Wainwright.

I've also discovered that I desperately need to get my hands on Vogue US Februrary, just for these amazing photos of Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond, Jr.

Just wow.

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