Monday, January 26, 2009

The Good Times.

Caspian & The Good Times @ Rust, 24.01.2009

It's been a good weekend. Friday I had a well-spent hour at Studenterhuset with a cup of tea (and free refills from the cute bartender) and Caspian & The Good Times. Liked it so much I decided to catch their proper show at Rust on Saturday which was also well amazing. Actually, Saturday at Rust was just a blast. Ended up jumping around and dancing like maniac to Tako Lako, whom I hadn't seen before. I used to go to school with the guy on percussion. 7th grade woodshop never sounded as good as it did when he went to town on whatever surface available to him.

Would've taken pictures of the ever-so-charismatic leadsinger and the mad crowd, but alas, my battery died during Caspian & The Good Times' final track. And, I was basically too busy dancing to even remember.

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