Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today in bullets:
  • Studying all night = 4 hours of sleep.
  • Midterm!!! in American History. Did alright. Definitely passed.
  • Walked most of the way home because my bike had a flat tyre. Again.
  • Powernap to crappy shows like 7th Heaven. Which, incidentally, I secretly love.
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee!!
  • Factory45 at Studenterhuset, Cph.
  • In the words of Lykke Li: DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!

From 25.09.2008 @ Stengade30.

It's actually exactly what I'm in the mood for right now. Just letting go for a little while. And taking pictures.

Plus, Ida and Mira'll be there. Hells yeah.

Anywho. I'm weirdly excited. You know, 'weirdly' because I've seen them like 4 or 5 times, the latest being less than a month ago. But, well. They're fun live.

Factory45 - Snowball (live) via.

Later, alligators!

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