Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yaw yaw.

So I guess school is over. The eeend. With the exeption of Thursday I've been more or less constantly drunk since Wednesday.

Yesterday was the traditional ride with the best group of graduees the world has ever seen. I've realized I'm gonna miss this people like crazy. Just all the randomness. Drunkenness. Awesomeness!

Alas, I did not have the courage to bring my too expensive digital camera yesterday, so all my pics are on an oldschool disposable camera I got for free with my obligatory hat. Welcome to 2002, I say! It'll be fun to get them developed, though. I'm pretty sure I got some good shots.

Today I'll just post some pictures from Wednesday's party at school with the teachers. It was way fun. It especially escalated towards the end as the dancefloor was one, big, sweaty mass of people dancing and jumping around in ecstasy. I have no pictures of that last development since I was inside the clump of people.

But yeah. Tomorrow Roskilde starts. I don't really feel like going, but whatever. It'll probably be fun. This year I'm part of a huge camp of people from school, so that'll be good. Dunno about the music though. It's not top notch. But I get a dose of Mike Skinner/The Streets, and that's always something.

Pictures from Wednesday!


My boys.

Cille, Louise, Michael.

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