Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Near-perfect Day.

Sometimes a day just comes together exactly as it should, and you don't even have to plan it.
I started today with a verbal exam in Geography at 8AM. I'd been up most of the night studying, taking it so far that I really only got one hour of sleep. But I still did good. I got a 10, which is the second highest grade in our system.

After that, I went home. Watched an episode of Skins (a show that I've become completely addicted to) and fell asleep. I actually slept until about 1PM, when I decided that I couldn't just sit at home all day when they weather is so gorgeous. So I went downtown with an actual purpose: buying a new power-cord-thing for my printer, as mine has gone mysteriously missing. I found that, and ended up continuing my seemingly endless hunt for that skirt. I've been looking for a simple, black skirt, preferably somewhat high-waisted and not too short, nor too long. It's been almost impossible. It seems all the shops want you to buy is shorts, shorts, shorts. It seems that everytime I see a black item with that skirt-on-a-rack look, it turns out to be a pair of shorts instead. Very frustrating.

But, today I found it! I've been searching desperately, even going in to several stores way above my pricelevel. But, today was the day. And it is perfect. Ish.

Another wonderful surprise today, was when I stopped by a 7/11 on my way home. 7/11 has started selling Reece's Cups! One of my most missed chocolately items from my time in the States is now available right down on the corner. Just awesome.

Tonight is the opening night of Copenhagen Distortion, which is gonna be bloody brilliant, if I have to be British about it.

So, as I said, an almost perfect day. I'm not sure what would have made it completely perfect. Maybe a little more human company, though I guess I'll be getting my social needs met tonight.

Now, I have to go shower and all.


PS: The city has been CRAWLING with adorable boys today. Apparantly they all go into hiding during the winter and wait until summer to come outside. It is very much appreciated by my eyes, I'll tell ya that.

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