Sunday, June 1, 2008

Copenhagen Livin'.

The last few days have been spent walking around the city. Since I moved here, I've really grown fond of Cph. Especially Frederiksberg, though. It's just so... Green and it feels like a city inside the city - which is actually what it is, as it is it's own municipality. I like it. I'm thinking about looking for my very own place there, but it's pretty hard to get anything since it is pretty popular place.

So yes, yesterday was exactly as I said it would be. I walked around the city and took a lot of pictures of Copenhagen in the summer. I ended it with two hours of reading and basic chillin' in Kongens Have, along with the rest of Copenhagen's youth. I ended the day with going back to my mom's place for dinner, since my uncle and his wife was in town, and then I watched the amazing season finale of LOST with Anders. A-w-e-s-o-m-e-!

Today, Melissa and I went to the open house at CBS (Copenhagen Business School) to hear a 'lecture' on the education I am planning on pursuing. It was really great, even if they didn't tell me that much that I hadn't found out for myself in advance. They did give some more information on what you can actually use it for, when you're done with school. I'm really excited, and I'm looking forwards to starting September 1st.

Afterwards, we were surprised to find a sort of a festival outside, so we just hung out for hours and watched teenage-bands and kiddie-cheerleaders. Had lunch, did a little shopping, and it was just really nice.

I bough my first vinyl today. And I'm finally being serious about finding a damn record player, something I've wanted forever. So today, I bought a limited edition JUNO soundtrack (it's really cool - the record itself is orange), and Imma get that darn recordplayer as soon as possible.

Next week is my second out of four verbal exams, but I'm not too nervous. The week to come also brings two nights on the town, both Wednesday and Saturday, and a mini-concert on Friday. I think I'm gonna try and arrange a girlfriend-trip to see Sex and the City as well. It's gonna be a good one.

I leave you with pictures of Copenhagen. And, well, an actual outfit-picture.
The city of bikes.


Kongens Have (King's Garden)

Dirty mirror
Dress: Oasis, cardigan: Vero Moda, leggins: H&M

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Becky said...

that is a lot of fucking bikes. wow. its insane. are all the buildings there like that? right next to each other and that high? it looks kewl. i think anyways. id like to go see where you live some day. its probly way different than here. i like pictures. since i dont have myspace anymore i cant see your pics. itd be kewl if you kept posting pics like that. of course only if you wanted. im gonna try to post more pics on mine. like of my house and things just so you could see what it looks like if you wanted.